WCMS Sponsors and Teams

Executive Sponsors 

Donna Murphy, Vice Chancellor, University Relations

Mary Doyle, Vice Chancellor, Information Technology

Project Sponsors

Barry Shiller, Associate Vice Chancellor, Public Affairs & Communication

Mark Cianca, Director, Applications and Project Management

WCMS Phase II Project Team

Project Manager Leslie Geary 459-1075

Team Members

  • David Turner, Web Program Manager & Interim Web Service Manager
  • Charles McIntyre, Technical Lead Infrastructure
  • David Rosen, Technical Lead Development
  • Andrea Hesse, Humanities Migration Co-lead
  • Angela Thalls, Humanities Migration Co-lead
  • Rob Knight, University Relations Migration Lead
  • Sue Roth, Porter College Migration Lead
  • Marion Bashista, Process Analyst
  • Galen Sullivan, Business Systems Analyst
  • Tom Gardner, Programmer/Analyst, Development Team
  • Paul Bauman, Programmer/Analyst, Development Team
  • Jacques Delsemme, Programmer/Analyst, Infrastructure Team
  • Andre Daniels, Programmer/Analyst, Infrastructure Team
  • Teresa Silva, Project Communications and Support

WCMS Phase I Project Team

Project Manager Leslie Geary 459-1075

Team Members

  • David Turner, ITS/PMG Representative
  • Marion Bashista, ITS/PMG Representative
  • Andrea Hesse, Humanities Divisional Liaison
  • Angela Thalls, Humanities Local IT Support
  • Bomi Patel, Chancellors Office IT Liaison
  • Rob Knight, University Relations Representative
  • Sean Mikawa, Admissions Office Representative
  • Julie Rogge, Arts Division Representative
  • Jill Esterás, Social Sciences Department Representative
  • Christina Navarro, Physical and Biological Sciences Department Representative