Web Services Training Development Project

Pascale Gauaud

End-user training is recognized as a critical component in a successful implementation of the Web Program, which will deliver new web design templates, a Campus Web Content Management System and a set of well defined web services. As the user base for this shared service grows, the potential for developing a community of “power users” that can support one another is significant. The investment in creating well trained content managers and local site managers is substantial, but will pay off many times over in empowered local users, decreased central support, improved service levels, and faster site migrations.

While the WCMS project lists development of training materials for that system as a deliverable, there is no current plan to develop an integrated training program that addresses end-user needs. This proposal describes a coordinated approach to training that will address the needs of web authors, local site managers, and consumers of additional web services provided by ITS.

Curricula will be developed and in-person and online trainings scheduled that:

  • Provide an overview of the campus web presence, expectations, and points of integration for local units
  • Give guidance and/or tools for building effective web pages, including writing for the web, designing audience-focused navigation, and aligning sites with campus goals
  • Give an overview of the migration process (who does what, expectations, etc.)
  • Provide application training for use of the WCMS for web authors
  • Provide technical training for local management of the WCMS for local site managers

Project Team

  • Project Sponsor, David Turner
  • Project Manager, Teresa Silva
  • SHR Training and Development, Frank Widman
  • Communications & Marketing Representative (TBD)
  • Web Applications Team Lead, David Rosen
  • WCMS SME, Tom Gardner
  • WCMS Project Manager, Leslie Geary
  • Project/Business Analyst, Marion Bashista
  • Web/Communications Analyst, Lisa Bono

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