Web Services Definition Project

Deborah BryantWeb Services Definition Project Background

Web presence at all levels of the institution is widely accepted as one of the most critical components of UCSC’s external and internal communication. The services that support web presence involve people, processes, and technologies that cross the boundaries of divisions, departments, and business operations. To support a coordinated web presence, create transparent and effective processes for end users, and best utilize the resources available on campus, these services must be clearly organized, defined, and supported.

The Web Services Definition project will define and implement a framework of services to support web presence at UC Santa Cruz. Coordinating with the Web Content Management System Project, the Web Function & Design Project, and campus web governance, this work will establish a service team to deliver customer facing services that enable campus clients to publish information to the web.

Web Services Definition Project Goals

A service is something that provides value to the customer. As such, web services go beyond the servers, applications and infrastructure that produce web pages. This project will focus on developing services with a client point of view, bringing together campus governance, content managers, end users, and service providers to clearly define the service offerings that support our web presence.

The goals of this project include:

  • Defining web services in a way that is meaningful to the customer and
  • aligns service providers to delivery and support
  • Improving the experience of end-users in accessing campus web services
  • and obtaining support for incidents and requests
  • Establishing a web service team to plan and support the lifecycle of web
  • services, create effective processes, and set expectations for customers and
  • web service providers
  • Defining roles and responsibilities across the spectrum of web services

Guiding principles for this work include: a focus on the end user perspective, designing services that meet the needs of campus clients; streamlining communication and cooperation between service providers across organizational units; and creating a culture of clear priorities, transparent decision making, and setting and meeting expectations.

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