Web Partners Implementation Project

The Web Content Management System (WCMS) project will launch a new campus home page, along with a limited set of additional sites, in summer 2010. These sites will utilize new design templates delivered by the Web Function & Design project.

Marites Horn

After this launch, additional sites will be migrated into the WCMS over an indefinite period. With the high visibility and potential for improvement of this work, interest has been raised among numerous campus organizations to either a) migrate their high priority sites into the WCMS, or b) utilize the new web designs for their large web sites that are not candidates for migration.

This project addresses an opportunity to maximize the positive impact of the Web Program by coordinating with a select group of campus partners to accelerate the transition of high priority sites into the new designs. This will result in a broader implementation of common look and feel, and a more consistent web experience for site visitors.

This project's  primary goal is to prepare “phase 2” sites (as identified by the Web Steering Committee) for accelerated migration to WCMS after the initial migrations are complete.

This project will take leadership from the Web Steering Committee in defining policies, priorities, and expectations, and will coordinate closely with the WCMS project to ensure that it retains the priority for timing and resources.

A note about the photo on this page:

The Chancellor's Office and acting Arts Dean Margaret Morse sponsored an on-campus photography contest, open to all students, staff, and faculty. The image on our site garnered critical acclaim in the 2007 contest. The photograph "Old Oak" by Brooke Crowley, a graduate student, won the 2007 contest. For more information, see the following news article.