UCSC Selects Hannon Hill's Cascade Server

August 21, 2009

WCMS Executive Project Sponsors, Mary Doyle, Vice Chancellor ITS and Donna Murphy, Vice Chancellor University Relations announce selection of Hannon Hill Cascade Server.


We would like to provide a brief update on the WCMS project. 
The formal WCMS proposal evaluation process, which completed in July, resulted in the selection of Hannon Hill Cascade Server.  However, due to the difficult budget situation facing the university, we decided to take some additional time before executing a contract to ensure that this was the best solution available. To that end, we charged a workgroup to assess the viability, cost, benefits, and risks of potential alternate solutions.   After careful consideration of the report submitted by this work group and consultation with EVC Kliger, we have decided to move forward with Hannon Hill, pending successful contract negotiations.
Both Hannon Hill Cascade Server and Drupal, an open-source product, were identified by the workgroup as viable web content management options. Each option has unique advantages and disadvantages.  Although we found the strong advocacy for Drupal on campus to be a compelling argument in its favor, we ultimately selected Cascade Server, in part due to its successful implementations at UC Irvine, UC San Diego, and UC Davis and the potential for partnership that this represents.
With the conclusion of the selection process, the WCMS project enters Phase II, beginning with contract negotiations and implementation planning.  We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to all who have contributed to the project thus far and request your on-going support during the final phase of the project. 
If you have questions about the WCMS project, please contact Leslie Geary at x91075 or leslieg@ucsc.edu.
Mary Doyle, Vice Chancellor Information Technology Services
Donna Murphy, Vice Chancellor University Relations