WCMS Project Progress Update

April 22, 2010

Whew, it's been a while! We've been very busy and have made a lot of progress. We've been focusing on preparation and planning for application configuration, development of interfaces, and migrations. Here is a sampling of what we've accomplished to date and an idea of our next steps.

  • Infrastructure: The infrastructure team has designed and is almost finished implementing a robust server infrastructure for the new system.
  • Templates: Hannon Hill built the initial templates in the system using the designs that came out of the Web Function and Design Project. Rob Knight, web guru in the Communications and Marketing office, is busy refining the templates and other design elements.
  • Migrations: University Relations, Humanities, and Porter College staff are partnering with the project team graciously and bravely serving as guinea pigs as we learn the system and iron out the migration process. They have largely finished mapping out their new site structures and now turn their attention to identifying content.
  • Development Projects: Two significant integrations with other campus systems are also planned and we are close to completing functional requirements and developing technical designs for the solutions.
    • We will integrate course information from AIS into academic department web pages so departments can promote their programs with accurate course offerings.
    • We'll also pull in directory information from the Identity Management system and take advantage of another current project that expands the information stored. This system will eventually become a single location for faculty, staff, and students to keep their directory information up to date.
  • Configuration: We've initiated a period of consulting with Hannon Hill to master the technical configuration of the application. Configuration is complicated because it bridges the gap between complex functionality on one hand and ease of web site management on the other.

Our next steps are to:

  • Master and complete the application configuration
  • Begin development of the course & directory integrations
  • Finish up building the key design elements
  • Get our migration partners into the system so they can begin to build their web sites.

Launch Plans: We are still on track for an August launch beginning with the campus home environment, followed closely by the three Humanities sites and Porter College.

Post Launch Migrations: The Campus Web Steering Committee is working currently to determine timing and priorities for the next stages of migrations. If you are interested in migrating to the new system, add your site to the growing list using our Migration Request Form.