New Campus WCMS Features Released

May 16, 2011

Screen shot of the new Gallery Page
Screen shot of the new List Page

The WCMS team is pleased to announce the release of several new templates, features and an online tool kit for all Campus WCMS users.

The New WCMS Help Web Site

This is your new online tool kit. Included in this web site are descriptions of the newly released features and instructions for doing almost everything in the Campus WCMS. Please bookmark this site.

Two New Home Page Blocks

  1. YouTube Video Block: use this new block on your home page to highlight a video clip

  2. Calendar Blocks:  use this new block on your home page to highlight events, deadlines, or other important dates

The Gallery Page

The Gallery Page is an additional way to display images in your site. Each image inserted on this page expands when clicked and allows a caption below each image.

The List Page: The List Page allows you to list items down your page with a thumbnail image, a title and a summary

The News Article Shortcut

 The News Article Shortcut allows you to post news article teasers that link out to external news articles or publications.

Full Page with No Left Navigation

The Full Page with No Left Navigation is ideal for pages that require a wider space and do not require left hand navigation. One common use for the full page is an embedded Google Calendar.

Please take time to view these new features in the Campus WCMS. If you have any questions or feedback about anything, please put in a IT Request ticket and categorize it Web Services --> WCMS Help.