UCSC Web Vision (Draft)

As part of the Web Function & Design project in 2009, San Mateo design firm Rolling Orange provided analysis of the UCSC web presence, along with vision and strategy recommendations for how to optimize our use of this critical medium.

The Web Steering Committe took these components from the original Rolling Orange Inception Report, along with the 2008 charge letter from Chancellor Blumenthal, and developed the following web vision:

Site Purpose:

The purpose of this site is to market the University and provide key information to the primary audience of prospective students, faculty, staff, and donors. The site also needs to be a portal and effective tool to access all University Web resources for existing audiences of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the community.

UCSC's Web Vision:

Our campus is working to develop a web presence that:

  • Reflects and promotes our scholarly distinctions and programs effectively
  • Conveys the strengths of our campus ("show, don't tell")
  • Is visually consistent, allowing users to become familiar with key elements across multiple sites
  • Uses high quality images, stories, and media to illustrate the message of UC Santa Cruz
  • Provides a sense of place: physical, cultural, and academic

Ongoing Recommendations:

To achieve our vision, the following will require continuing attention:

  • Focus home page content toward prospective students, faculty, and donors
  • Focus lower level pages on providing pertinent and easily accessible information
  • Define authoritative content sources to reduce duplicated or conflicting information
  • Clearly highlight research to increase our reputation
  • Seek to promote graduate and undergraduate programs to attract and enroll the highest caliber students
  • Actively manage messaging about the campus