Program Components

The UCSC Web Presence and Services Program consists of a series of projects and work packages intended to bring about a significant improvement in the consistency, effectiveness, and support for the campus's web presence. At a high-level, the components that make up this program include:





Web Presence
Services Program
Program Program level work includes defining individual projects and work packages, coordinating project deliverables, and ensuring alignment with campus strategies and objectives Underway
Web Content
Management System
Project Define requirements, select, and implement a centrally-supported web content management system as a core tool for supporting campus web
Web Goverance Governance Support Design, charge, and establish campus level governance bodies to set strategy for web as a campus asset, establish priorities, and oversee web projects, standards, and services Ongoing Activities


Campus leadership exercise

Articulate and publish campus strategy for use of the web as a strategic
communications asset
Hand-off to
governance and
program leadership
Web Services Definition Project Define, articulate, and launch (as necessary) services to support campus
web presence
Web Function and Design Project Evaluate and recommend function and design of top tier campus sites. Produce a suite of web templates to update and improve look and feel. Establish and publish design standards for navigation, branding, interoperability, and
compliance with policies and regulations
Web Security
Response Planning
Policy Development Leverage existing policies and resources to incorporate security prevention and
response planning across program components
Ongoing Activities
WWW Stabilization Project Assess and stabilize current-state technical environment and provide
interim tools for supporting central campus web presence
Web Services Training Development Project Design campus-wide WCMS training program Closed