Web Governance

As one of its early deliverables, the Web Program established campus level governance to set strategy, provide guidance, define priorities, and oversee standards and services related to UCSC's Web presence.

Program / Project Governance:

Music Buidling

Web Program Leadership Team

Program Sponsors:

  • Mary Doyle, Vice Chancellor, Information Technology
  • Donna Murphy, Vice Chancellor, University Relations

Team Members:

  • Jim Burns, Director of Public Information
  • Leslie Geary, WCMS Project Manager
  • David Turner, Web Program Manager

ITS Web Services Team

The ITS Web Services Team oversees operational service management for the suite of ITS Web Services. The team is led by the Web Service Manager, and includes representation from the WCMS team, the Web Hosting team, Communications & Marketing, Client Relationship Management, and other service providers.

Ongoing Campus Web Governance

Web Steering Committee


  • Jim Burns, Director Public Information Office
  • Andrea Hesse, Director Academic Client Relationship Management, ITS


  • Scotty Brookie, Academic Support Divisional Liaison - Arts
  • Eloise Cameron, Director of Information Asset Management
  • Leslie Geary, WCMS Project Manager
  • Rob Knight, Senior Web Developer, Communications and Marketing
  • Michael McCawley, Associate Director, Admissions
  • Peter McMillan, Director Administrative Client Relationship Management, ITS
  • Jim Moore, Director Graduate Admissions
  • Robin Ove, Manager Faculty Instructional Technology Center
  • Sue Perry, Librarian
  • David Sonnenberg, Assistant Dean Social Sciences
  • David Turner, (Interim) Web Service Manager
  • Teresa Silva, Web Migration Lead, Staff to Committee